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Offering diversity training entitled “diversity training” is one approach. But it would be way more effective if the diversity, equity and inclusion content is contextualized to the tasks and needs of participants. This is the PAPTAKE difference – Each session will be customized so PD attendees can explore various cultural diversity topics in the context of their everyday experience.  

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Trusted by competent leaders at organizations like:

the client experience

The comments below are taken from evaluations that were submitted anonymously from participants of PAPTAKE CONSULTING trainings. 

“Truly fantastic! I want to learn so much more about this topic now but felt like I have a good base to work off of. The workshop flew by because we were constantly engaged, active and moving. The facilitator was very clear, well-organized, friendly, personable and enlightening.”

“I liked the fact that Kuni shared all her experiences and life stories with us and she always kept us entertained.”

“I learned different approaches to deal with conflicts between cultures.”

“Wonderful, engaging class on the subject I was not looking forward to. EXCELLENT SURPRISE!”

“Kuni’s energy brought a sense of trust within the students, allowing us to truly be open and honest”

“I realized a deeper understanding of customer service.  It isn’t just to make internal or external clients happy, but it’s for your overall wellness as well.”

“I learned how to communicate with sensitivity and open feelings to other’s backgrounds whether it is coworkers or students.”

“I liked learning about how different cultures react and use different communication styles.”

“I now feel as though I have the ability to adjust to a diverse environment.”

“The training caused a lot of brainstorming and taught skills that I am excited to go and use.”

“Thank you not only for training our staff, but for dedicating your life to inspiring young professionals to inspire youth!”

“The games and group discussions helped us see what we needed to improve on.”

“I enjoyed Kuni’s energy, getting to know my coworkers better, and getting to know myself better.”